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HyperActive ME!

I was reading about Hyperactive articles… because my boyfriend always insisted I was hyperactive. So there was this part Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and some of its symptoms that are:

  1. A sense of underachievement, of not meeting one’s goals (regardless of how much one has actually accomplished).
  2. Difficulty getting organized.
  3. Chronic procrastination or trouble getting started.
  4. Many projects going simultaneously; trouble with follow through.
  5. A tendency to say what comes to mind without necessarily considering the timing or appropriateness of the remark.
  6. A frequent search for high stimulation.
  7. An intolerance of boredom.
  8. Easy distractibility; trouble focusing attention, tendency to tune out or drift away in the middle of a page or conversation, often coupled with an inability to focus at times.
  9. Trouble in going through established channels and following “proper” procedure.
  10. Impatient; low tolerance of frustration.
  11. Impulsive, either verbally or in action, as an impulsive spending of money.
  12. Changing plans, enacting new schemes or career plans and the like; hot-tempered
  13. Physical or cognitive restlessness.
  14. A tendency toward addictive behaviour.
  15. Chronic problems with self-esteem.
  16. Inaccurate self-observation.
  17. Family history of AD/HD or manic depressive illness or depression or substance abuse or other disorders of impulse control or mood.

And for hyperactive…

“Described as a physical state in which a person is abnormally and easily excitable or exuberant. Strong emotional reactions, impulsive behaviour and sometimes a short span of attention are also typical for a hyperactive person.”

Sheesh! It so describes me!!!! Those that I had put in bold seems to be some of my characteristics too. I can’t seem to sit down for long…I tend to drift away. Even when I am on the line, I will start kicking my bolster while talking…

When I am sleeping beside Dave, he will notice that I like to kick away the blanket, and bring it back, pretty continuously – kind of like a ritual.

Man…….. It’s proven! Scary!

I think mine is not THAT serious, but sure is in some way, affecting the way I am! No wonder I can’t control when I am really angry? I would just burst out verbal abuse to poor Dave. Or my addiction for things. Once I am addicted to something, I will always seem addicted (ie. Bleach). And if I lose my interest in it, I would never touch it again.


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