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I was about to type an entry when I found a cockroach at my computer area.

Had to scream and shout for my mum to catch it. Hahaha!

Randomness aside.

After packing my room, I came up with a wishlist that is a WANT, but not a need.

– Hairband

– Photo frames

– New poster to replace Dark Knight? (This should be considered carefully because my poster is very new)

– A nice storage bag to store my USB ports. The current one I’m using is a terrible looking hot pink “Charming Kitty” with glittery look pouch.

– Table light?

– Wire Casings from Home-Fix to hide all my wires at my com area

– Dressing Table (I would LOVE to, but seriously, I don’t know where I can place it)

– O yes, nail polish remover. (This is essential, wanted to remove my nail polish, but I can’t 😦 )

– Bedsheets!

– New keyboard and mouse? (This is getting a bit off-hand) hahaha!

– Blow up a nice photo of Jodan and me, and place it under my collection of photos

– A mini cupboard area just for Jodan’s toys, towels, food etc.

That’s all for now. hahaha. Seems like my wants are never ending. :p

Think the only very affordable ones are the hairband, storage bags and of course, nail polish remover.

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