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The donkee leaving to go Taiwan. Pretty emo, cause he was forced by his girlfriend by brute force.

Poor poor donkee. ;o

Byebye Singapore! *With tears in his eyes*

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I am back from Taiwan!!! 🙂

Got quite a bit of things…very heavy to carry everything home!

So I was really really touched and happy that my donkee actually came to fetch me although he has to go back camp tomorrow.

What a surprise darling ;>



That’s you, smoking with my acknowledgment in Danshui :X


That’s your new African girlfriend from Taiwan! Treasure the hard-earned donkee okay!


My spree 😛 , which excludes 2 tops + 1 packet of marshmellows + donkee for my boy, 1 top for my bro and 3 CDs + alcohol for my Dad.

Hur, look at the condoms! It’s for buddy Manny! I’m sure he would appreciate it!

I love the bimbotic looking umbrellas on the left. It’s only 10SGD each! It really looks very very pretty! I don’t mind carrying them out if it’s raining.

I’m feeling really hungry. Maybe I should go try out their instant noodles…!

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I am now in the Airport…waiting for 1230 before I go in 🙂

Am feeling quite sleepy though!

Hopefully I can sleep on the plane.


Cya peeps soon! Heh.

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whee! I am so excited 😛

A few more hours baby!

Haha my mum asked me to go over to ‘san xin’ from all the stress in S’pore.

Thing is, my wisdom tooth hurts me. Sheesh. I hope it gets better!

I’m going to bring painkillers over!

I want to eat all the nice food!

And not forgetting, SHOPPING :D:D:D:D:D *grins*

Now now, I sound so much like a bimbotic girl.

It’s alright to be bimbotic once in a while eh.

Gonna miss everyone in S’pore!

Especially my darling donkee.

Be good alright?

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