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That frigging doc from 627.


Quote, “After you have your medicine today, you should be fine tomorrow.”

How come I still am not feeling exactly better?

He said I’m down with some stomach flu and stress.

One day MC. And I thought one should rest more if they are stressed?


My headaches are in their on-off mode.

Help Help!

And the doc says I have sensitive airway,

which means that if it worsens, I will have what we call, the Asthma.

Hopefully it’s not, because he wanted to prescribe me an inhaler, but I didn’t think it was necessary.


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Stressful X_X

I think one day I will succumb to the breakdown due to stress.

Really, it’s taking a toll on me.

I can feel it – The irritability, the fear.

Health has also deteriorated with this unhappiness.

I try to keep myself positive daily, I’m still trying.

Work has brought a whole new meaning to my life.


Let’s hope I recover soon from all these.


Finished reading the book “Don’t tell Mummy”.

I know I have taken ages to finish it, usually such books take me a max. of 2 days.

I’m just so busy… so tired…

By the time I am back home, half of me is already in stone mode.


Think I wouldn’t have any interesting updates these day.

Only whines…and whines.

I’ll be heading down to SIM this Saturday for their open house.

I want to study!

Wonder how I am going to cope…given my situation now.

I guess, whatever is going to happen, will bring me cross my limits, rocketing me to another level.

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Been really sick for the past few days.

Was on MC on Thurs and half day on Fri.

I can feel that even my face is breaking out.

My face feels rough, pretty sad ;/

Just now while brushing my teeth, I felt dizziness, and for a moment, I thought I would faint.

Fortunately Dave was around and he helped me to sit and cool down.

The nausea and the churning of my stomach…

I wonder what’s happening to my body.

Seldom will I feel sooo sick for a long time.

Hope that I can get well soon before the new year.

I wouldn’t want to be thought of as MC queen not long after I joined my team.

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Sickly me.

Arghh…hate to be sick!

I hate to be sneezing and whizzing away with tears flooding my eyes.

Feels so terrible! And my throat… :/

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Sick Bird

Sick Sick Sick.

kciS kciS kciS.


’nuff said.

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Doctor says I am stressed.

Sharp constant pain in the chest area.

I read up on stress and found a part of an article which seems to describe me quite well – The part about bottling up my feelings:

Letting off steam is another good way of relieving stress or tension. It is best to express your frustration or anger when it occurs, if you always bottle things up, you are more likely to suffer from physical illness associated with stress or to explode with pent-up rage. If you want to yell to let off steam, go somewhere such as a basement or a garden, where you cannot easily disturb others.

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I am starting to dread going to the Mr Doctor from 627.


These days, I discover weird things about myself.

While I was at his clinic(Oh yes, he was CONSISTENTLY LATE), I thought that I might as well ask him about my phlegm. This problem had been bugging me for the past few months. Thus, he checked my nostrils …and guess what?

He said I had Sinus.

This was something I never knew. I defended myself by telling him I never had that problem. He gave me a mirror to look into my nostrils and guided me. Yes, there were two red lumps in the nostrils, one each side. It was not supposed to show, unless your nostrils are sensitive and ‘infected’.

I told him Dave liked to press certain positions of my nose area (above the cheeks), which tended to hurt a lot even with little pressure. Mr Doctor once again re-confirmed his statement.

Boo! I hope it will heal. If not, I would have to use nose drips! First the ear, then the nose!!!

P/s: Mr Doctor also mentioned that there was a possibility that my ear infection was caused by my nose. Underlying reason! :/

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