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Random Snippets

Been some time since I last blogged an entry ;p

A lil lazy to seem to pen down some thoughts.

Maybe cos my life seems to zoom past way too fast for me to capture anything.

Busy Busy Busy!


Friday (30/11) marks the last day of me being an admin assistant 😉

I have officially changed my job scope, one that requires market research.

Nope, no pay rise or whatever.

Most importantly, I get to learn something new!


It was also a massive day where I celebrated 3 birthdays – 2 colleague, 1 friend

And not forgetting the intense diarrhea that I suffered after eating at Lemongrass restaurant.


Jas’s birthday was fun! Met up with lots of old friends and did some catching up.

What can I say? They are simply the cool dudes as ever.

I laughed so much that I felt cramps on my mouth.

Those were the days..The good ol’ funny days.

Hopefully we could always remain like this, how nice it would be.

I still have not uploaded the photos. I’m still at Dave’s house..but going back soon.


Counting down to tomorrow 🙂

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Recently, fruits are my new-found friends for tum tum.

And it’s pretty effective 😉

I used to have pretty bad constipation, followed by intense diarrhoea.

After consuming apples, papayas, honeydews etc, the situation has greatly improved.

I’m clearing my bowels daily, and it’s an easy process!

Whee, I think I will continue to go with this regime, since I have this self-deluded thinking that my body has less toxins now =x


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Shit Encounter

Salmon + B&J Ice Cream + Tea = Shit

Yes, I am tempted to shit once again =p

After all, has been pretty constipated for the weekend.

*heading towards the toilet now*

Woohoo!! May I shit with bliss. =D

[Update] One word to describe the experience: SHIOK!!!!

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All about shit.

Suddenly realized that I have not shitted for the day. No wonder there is a lil urge over here. =O

Ok, just shitted. These days there is a healthy flow. Must be my daily indulgence on green tea.


My failed attempt of shit drawing. =p Hur.

I love shitting. I always do. The immense pleasure when the piece of shit (literally) finally plops out…

It seems to produce endorphins that makes me so much more happier. Nope, I did not eat oysters nor chocolate. Can chocolate ice cream be counted, too?

I think my mood is linked to shitting. Whenever I feel constipated, my stomach bloats, I feel like puking due to trapped air and I get very moody. Hur.

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I feel like shitting. hur.

I’m anal-retentive..since, less than a day back.

Welcome back, my ever-so-hardworking intestines.

 [Update]: I finally shitted. It feels soooo good. Not the painful type, just the relaxing kind.. that goes, plop.. plop..plop.

=D Lurvely. =x

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