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Sometimes you just wonder what impressions you leave on people?

Those whom you feel would not mind you when you are at your worst dressed times?

When you speak freely without crossing your thoughts twice?

Then you realise people take your intentions badly.

Sum up, and return you with thrice the ‘bomb’

Things which you didn’t even suspect, not sure if it’s your fault…everything just comes back to you.

I think the bottomline is, “Never ask a favour once, because soon after, every other thought will link it back to the favour, even when it’s not.”

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I’m so bloody hurt.

That’s what you think of me.

This is the last time I’m feeling hurt because of you.

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Don’t ask me a question, get my answer already then send me an SMS saying your alternative decision.

Might as well don’t ask, right?

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U know what? Guys are all but the same.

Same kind, same bullshit.

Love is just but a temporary feeling that one gets, that’s all.

Ultimately, it all ends up the same.

Nothing more to say.

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Crappy mood

I feel so moody.

Suddenly I feel like … life’s a joke. An irony itself.

It might be the time of the month again, giving me all sorts of rubbish thoughts.

Heart’s feeling so heavy. I feel so negative.

I can be happily enjoying myself in the morning, but when night falls, it’s the loneliness monster which creeps in.

Creeps in without me knowing, attacking right from behind.

Argh, I definitely need to cope with such swings.


Jodan was trying to hump his giraffe toy initially.

Despite repeated attempts to stop him, he still insisted his way.

And I started playing “Open Arms” music through my phone.

He stopped, bobbed his head from left to right, right to left, quietened down.

And he went to sleep.

Music really soothes the soul!

Maybe I’m constantly living in this noisy world, and thus, my mood.

It’s time I should seek solitude. In where I don’t know.

I have to find it. Just like how Jodan found his.

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Where I am

Escape Escape Away.

Run Running Ran.

Go Going Gone.

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I feel so terrible right now.

I feel like I’ve lost a friend.

I am so disappointed, I am so unhappy.

It’s not about the event, it’s about the friendship.

I’m slowly losing touch, and I think that I am going to lose it all.

I…don’t know what I should feel now.

Many a times, I struggle to balance both sides and try to keep an equilibrium

But as always, because of this, I tumble, and I fall.

I fall deeper and deeper.

Why is this so?

Is it because there will never be a balanced point?

Or am I just simply screwing everything up?

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