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Marley & Me

Watched Marley & Me earlier at Jurong Point.

I’ve actually read that book a couple of years back, when it wasn’t so hyped up.

Overall, I would say the movie is pretty good, though I would very much prefer the book.

Guess they are not able to feed everything into a 2 hr+ movie.

Still, it’s such a sad show!! 😦

I cried and cried at the last part *_* Especially when Marley’s personality is somewhat very similar to Jodan.

The hyperactiveness, the biting spree, the stubborness, and most importantly, the strong attachment and love he has for everyone.

May Jodan be long lived!!!


3 months plus. Whoa, how time flies!

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U know what? Guys are all but the same.

Same kind, same bullshit.

Love is just but a temporary feeling that one gets, that’s all.

Ultimately, it all ends up the same.

Nothing more to say.

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Happy 8 Months Darling :)

Our very romantic dinner 😉 Ambience is good, food is better, company is excellent!

The surprise flowers that was delivered to my house. Hee, I know it’s your first time sending flowers to a girl… I really appreciate your first time! Heh!

Family Photo: (From left to right) BabyDonkee, MummyDonkee, BabyJodan, DaddyDonkee & BabyBrianna

Hehe :X

While I was looking back at my old pics…saw this photo of Jodan..and he was REALLY SO SMALL then!

>.< so cute lor. Whatever happened to his babyish size?!

Anyway, not to sidetrack, I love you dear! Thank you for such a wonderful 8 months together – and the love and care that you never fail to shower me. Muacks!

And….remember the place for solemnisation? Heh heh!

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Wow, I am actually awake at this hour.

When was the last time that I am actually not sound asleep at this timing?

I guess procrastination of projects has forced my now lethargic body to work, albeit very unwillingly.

I sort of accepted Brandon’s apology for his in-a-fit-of-anger statement.

Mum’s been telling me to forgive, and I guess, we all make mistakes along the way too.

I am no perfect either, so ya, we are back together again 🙂

Hopefully, this time round, he wouldn’t sprout nonsense anymore, if not…!


Brought my Jodan for his first time grooming earlier on.

Think he was really afraid haha. He came home becoming a sticky and obedient glue.

Guess it probably lasts for one day. He would wake up being his naughty self tomorrow eh.

At least his nails are not as sharp anymore…so maybe Liming, would you like to come over again? :p

Remember to wear jeans though!

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My narcissistic photos *woof*!

Everything also must Kpo!

Stop disturbing me… I just want to sleep 😦

I wanna kiss my Mummy!!!

See! I love to kiss kiss! I am suchhhh a great kisser (after eating all my own shit, biting off wires and licking cockroaches [probably eating them too?])

Cheeky look of mine. Realise I never bother to look into the camera? Hrmf, that camera is too mediocre for my interest and liking licking

Woots! I am a stunt performer. See me roll!

Kk…I’m tired of posing for the photos. And stop hugging me so tightly please.


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Pup love~

My hardworking boyfriend came over to look after Jodan when I went to school.

Being the paranoid him, he simply can’t stand dust and dirt and ended up changing Jodan’s papers at least 4 times -_-

See the resistance from his look? Haha! Near pop out eyes!

Boo, he only cares about Jodan, Jodan, Jodan!!!

Me, too =x

Up close of him sleeping 🙂

Oozing some paternal instincts? :p

I love this pic haha! He looks so funny sleeping.

My favourite pic too. Little Jodan looking at Donkee, wondering what he’s doing 😉

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Jodan’s Growing Up

As requested by my excited sis, more photos of Jodan boy 🙂

Look how haggard I’ve become just from taking care of him.

He’s literally like a little baby, demanding attention, wanting people to care for him, to listen to his demands

Him sleeping on my lap. He loves doing so, and can sleep for hours, causing my whole feet to cramp.

Peeping Tom!

This is my favourite picture. Look at his tiny ‘fangs’. These hurt.

But I think he looks really cute that way =p

He’s getting a little heavier already. Think he’s growing at a pretty fast pace.

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