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Marley & Me

Watched Marley & Me earlier at Jurong Point.

I’ve actually read that book a couple of years back, when it wasn’t so hyped up.

Overall, I would say the movie is pretty good, though I would very much prefer the book.

Guess they are not able to feed everything into a 2 hr+ movie.

Still, it’s such a sad show!! 😦

I cried and cried at the last part *_* Especially when Marley’s personality is somewhat very similar to Jodan.

The hyperactiveness, the biting spree, the stubborness, and most importantly, the strong attachment and love he has for everyone.

May Jodan be long lived!!!


3 months plus. Whoa, how time flies!

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Am I back? Haha!

Whoa! It’s been more than 2 months since I last blogged :p

Laziness seeped into my bones and they simply refuse to type. Hur.

Or was it creativity juices in me left for some long holiday break and finally is back?

So, what have I been doing? Pretty much quite a bit of things I guess. Mundane little ones, that is.

Finished reading The Kite Runner & A Thousand Splendid Suns, excellent books I must say. Loved the way the author described the scenes. One can relate totally to how the characters feel.

Bought 4 books yesterday (discounted and w/o GST) at Changi T3.

– The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

– Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

– My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

– The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Total damage? 48 bucks. Effectively each book cost only 12 bucks. Sweet πŸ™‚

Go Harris (T3) to get your books today!


I am intending to send Jodan for dog training. Gonna go for dr-dogs.com … uses positive reinforcement.

Spoken to the trainer and he seems very experienced. Hopefully it would turn out good πŸ™‚ Jodan can also make new friends at the same time haha.


Not very good resolution.. I took it with my phone. That’s him sleeping one lazy afternoon. πŸ˜›

Mum’s been bugging me as to why I did not get a smaller sized dog. Haha.. but I love Jodan what!


I’m feeling pretty sleepy, but I’m working from home today.

So I got to pry my eyes open and clear my stuff.

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Those who have been following my blog must be wondering why I have been locking up my recent posts altogether.

Well, simply because these are little post-its to remind myself about certain things. Certain facts.

Simply, a reality check.

To allow myself to stay focused, not to stray.

To bring me back to where I should be.

To bring me through a dark phase. To get a hang of whatever’s left.

And thus, these are locked posts, because it’s meant to be kept in my heart, never to see light.


My little Jodan has, as always, never failed to cheer me up.

Looking at him and his irritating stunts often made me burst into laughter.

He does the silliest things that makes you wonder if you should be angry or simply laugh it off as a joke.

He has quite a bad temper though, haha! My mum tried pushing him off the bed and he got so furious he started biting her. And when he failed, he vented his anger on his toy, growling.


Him trying to squeeze into the pillow. If you look carefully, he’s actually using my face to support his head!


Still squeezing onto me -_-


I went to this Dog Fair by SPCA last Sunday and donated some bucks to take photos on the spot. I don’t look very ‘alive’ because I was really tired. Slept at near 4am that ‘morning’ and woke up at 10am.

So anyway, that’s besides the point. Point is, Jodan looks damn cute in this photo la! Quoted by Rose: “He looks like a fake dog”



Another photo of him! The amateur photographer was trying hard to attract his attention. Look at his flop-sided ear!

These photos really don’t do justice as to how adorable he really looks in the photos. My computer is down, so I could only take photos with the photo. Quite photogenic baby! πŸ˜‰


After the event, he had a good bath… and it rained. He was sleeping so soundly. He was hyperly-excited (is there such a word?) to see all his doggy friends that he went around sniffing and kissing them, only to get growled by some dogs. Ouch!


I’m sleepy. Goodnight! Muacks to everyone who loves me, especially to my Mummy! I miss my Daddy too, it’s been long since I saw him.

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Happy 8 Months Darling :)

Our very romantic dinner πŸ˜‰ Ambience is good, food is better, company is excellent!

The surprise flowers that was delivered to my house. Hee, I know it’s your first time sending flowers to a girl… I really appreciate your first time! Heh!

Family Photo: (From left to right) BabyDonkee, MummyDonkee, BabyJodan, DaddyDonkee & BabyBrianna

Hehe :X

While I was looking back at my old pics…saw this photo of Jodan..and he was REALLY SO SMALL then!

>.< so cute lor. Whatever happened to his babyish size?!

Anyway, not to sidetrack, I love you dear! Thank you for such a wonderful 8 months together – and the love and care that you never failΒ to shower me. Muacks!

And….remember the place for solemnisation? Heh heh!

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Irritating Jodan’s Photos

I love this pic:

Donkee was forcing Jodan to stand up, and he got really pissed..and so I managed to take a snapshot of the hilarious moment.

Deep asleep on a lazy afternoon

My Mum & him. Sleeping side by side :p

Rose says Jodan looks like a cow.

Closer shot of the cow :p

Jodan shaking his paw for the pretty rotten turtle (notice the threads of the turtle’s mouth are being torn? Jodan’s wonderful doing)

Err..he thinks he’s handsome, so I just posted this photo up -_-

Happy family :p


On a more serious note, Jodan’s attitude is getting from bad to worse. He seems to climb over my head. I wonder if it’s cause I pamper him too much. Sigh.

Yesterday & Today, I found him climbing up to my bed to squeeze and sleep with me. Happily.

-_- Despite repeated attempts of putting him back down, he never fail to find a way up to join me.

Should I resort to caning? That’s a very difficult decision I have to make.

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Wow, I am actually awake at this hour.

When was the last time that I am actually not sound asleep at this timing?

I guess procrastination of projects has forced my now lethargic body to work, albeit very unwillingly.

I sort of accepted Brandon’s apology for his in-a-fit-of-anger statement.

Mum’s been telling me to forgive, and I guess, we all make mistakes along the way too.

I am no perfect either, so ya, we are back together again πŸ™‚

Hopefully, this time round, he wouldn’t sprout nonsense anymore, if not…!


Brought my Jodan for his first time grooming earlier on.

Think he was really afraid haha. He came home becoming a sticky and obedient glue.

Guess it probably lasts for one day. He would wake up being his naughty self tomorrow eh.

At least his nails are not as sharp anymore…so maybe Liming, would you like to come over again? :p

Remember to wear jeans though!

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My narcissistic photos *woof*!

Everything also must Kpo!

Stop disturbing me… I just want to sleep 😦

I wanna kiss my Mummy!!!

See! I love to kiss kiss! I am suchhhh a great kisser (after eating all my own shit, biting off wires and licking cockroaches [probably eating them too?])

Cheeky look of mine. Realise I never bother to look into the camera? Hrmf, that camera is too mediocre for my interest and liking licking

Woots! I am a stunt performer. See me roll!

Kk…I’m tired of posing for the photos. And stop hugging me so tightly please.


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