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So I went for lunchie with my healthy baby Liming on Monday at Northpoint HK Cafe.

And since she loves me so much, she has taken 2 photos of me 😉

She sent it to me and said:

roars. says:
roars. says:
i send u ur picture now
roars. says:
go put on ur blog

;P So here I am, posting these photos, heh.


I don’t like my vampy tooth =(


Drinking my hot honey green tea 😡

Northpoint HK Cafe has become my rendezvous place with my healthy baby :p

And she says she misses me , pretty often (or so I would like to think)

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One Decade!

I was thinking of Jas’s birthday..when suddenly a thought came to my mind.

Whoa! In less than a month’s time, the bunch of us has known each other for a decade.

One-frigging-decade ok!

Woohoo! How many friends can last for one decade?

Of cos, more decades will come =p

Till we get married, till we have kids, till we grow old.

I sound like… I’m in love with my girls. HAHA!

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Yummy Maconalds

Ms Nice Liming came over to pass me a late lunch and accompanied me to eat, knowing that I have not eaten a proper meal yet.

;D Thanks Liming! Heh.

My dog sure pissed you off pretty bad. Haha!

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Meet-up with the guys

Amir\'s classic photo

Amir, when he was downing his RAW QUILL EGG.

Disgusting quill egg

Let’s look at the egg. Hmm.. nice..

Amir, Mural, Julian

Before the 3 ‘heroes’ feel the pain..

The Aftermath

Look at their disgusted faces haha!!!


The Finale 😛 Smelly mouths I reckon?

Ok, I shall not be lazy anymore and post pictures, requested by Amir.

Been really really busy these days, damn tired.

Will post the BKK pictures when I feel like it, heh.

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Thank you!

Thank you Ah Ming for being there when I needed someone to whine and bitch about :p

Love you ! Don’t mao zhan oki?:p Hoho!

Muacks!!!! 😡

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Eh…I still have not bought the storybook =/ All the major bookstores are in town except Times in Tampines. Travelling there is as good as going town.

Hungry hungry!

Here’s my new hairstyle! I am such a camwhore! 😀


Going to town is really a chore because of the crowd.

In order to try a top, you would need to queue 10 mins or something.

Pretty irritating!



My mind has been ringing Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna.

*Dancing mood* Heh!

Is it normal for people to feel happy with a clique of ‘right bunch of people’? The powerful people who has statuses and purchasing power? Where has all the thoughts of simplicity gone to? Has our world become so materialistic that being an average person inevitably leads to lesser friends? Friends choose you based on your financial status? It irks me.

I enjoy the bliss of meeting up with my friends, having a cup of coffee or two, and just chat randomly about things happening in our lives. Simple catching up makes my day 🙂

Of course, humans make choices. Just different ones.


*dances around crazily*


Suddenly I got reminded of what happened yesterday, pretty hilarious to Liming and I.

We were in AX yesterday with Manfred..he was looking for his CNY clothes while Liming and I were walking around.

We started comparing prices and making comments on how some clothes look so fugly and yet priced at such a skyrocketed amount.

One top costing 299SGD can be bought for 39SGD, which looks really similar to one where you can get at northpoint.

And our conclusion of our trip is,

“People came here to shop. We came here to ridicule (at the prices).”


Funny shite.

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The Good Days


Woot, I didn’t know wordpress has increased the space for storage to 3GB. Rocks 🙂

Now I can upload heaps of photos already!!!

Anyway that pic is a pre-birthday celebration for Connie at Mambo.


I think this photo is a classic. It gets me cracking up everytime I see it haha!

Manfred was trying to be a ‘Casanova’, having 2 girls one arm each.

We both ended up showing him the middle finger 😀

So much for being a Casanova huh?



I miss Melbourne so much lah. That’s my funny photo in a donut.

Look at my mouth, they are far too wide apart =p

Hopefully I can go over during Winter or something.

May my sister grant me this wish…by sponsoring the tickets, heh heh!


Things to do before CNY:

– Clear up my room

– Buy shoes and 1 top

– Buy Lingerie

– Buy bedsheets

– Hopefully go for manicure + pedicure (If I have time)


In the meantime, I will have to adjust to the timing for Comtech. It’s really a tiring journey but what to do?

Oh ya, before I forgot, the train today jerked so hard, everyone almost flew to the side.

It was so bad that this girl screamed, super loudly. Like whoa.

Count my blessings that I had a seat before the jerk.


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