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Stressful X_X

I think one day I will succumb to the breakdown due to stress.

Really, it’s taking a toll on me.

I can feel it – The irritability, the fear.

Health has also deteriorated with this unhappiness.

I try to keep myself positive daily, I’m still trying.

Work has brought a whole new meaning to my life.


Let’s hope I recover soon from all these.


Finished reading the book “Don’t tell Mummy”.

I know I have taken ages to finish it, usually such books take me a max. of 2 days.

I’m just so busy… so tired…

By the time I am back home, half of me is already in stone mode.


Think I wouldn’t have any interesting updates these day.

Only whines…and whines.

I’ll be heading down to SIM this Saturday for their open house.

I want to study!

Wonder how I am going to cope…given my situation now.

I guess, whatever is going to happen, will bring me cross my limits, rocketing me to another level.

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Been really stressed at work these days.


Nvm, I can prevail!!!


Thanks dear, for accompanying me and hearing me nag.


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Seems pretty difficult to wake my boyfriend up -_-

Think he must be really really really tired.

Tomorrow is work once again, a little apprehensive as I will be starting my training on the new job scope.

It’s good in a way, less people seem to be bugging me regarding admin stuff.

Sometimes I feel irritated by my colleagues. When the admin assistants were around, no one complained that the system was not good whatsoever. However, now that they need to get their hands on dirty, they start whining, complaining. They give comments that such a system should be abolished, if not changed.

They always take us for granted. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.


Imagine, one year plus of doing the ‘stupid system’ that they mentioned? When we were suffering, no one ever bothered can?


I am feeling pretty sleepy myself too. Must be the weather. It looks too good to sleep.


Christmas is coming! And I got no friggin’ idea what to get =/ My colleague gave me this soft toy from Sanrio, Cinammon, in short, CN. Dear names it Chao Nua -_-! It’s really cute and huggable.

My Christmas wishlist is a computer, a bedside table, a telephone cord beside my bed and a puppy (Most likely very impossible).


Hungryyy!! Gah! I have this insane craving for oysters ever since I am back. Melbourne’s oysters are, SLURPS, YUMMY!!! -_- Been bugging Dear about that… Other than Marriott and Marche, no idea where else there are oysters :/

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I’m getting bored of facebook =o

Quite stale…other than some applications here and there (some which stinks imho), there is nothing much to really do.

Probably except spying on people? haa?

It’s just like friendster with added features.


Organized a mini team breakfast today 😉

Woke up earlier (I’m usually damn late) than usual.. managed to get all my members a really full breakfast haha!


Went to the costume rental shop with liming just now.

Think she was quite irritated at me for trying out 1 hr of costumes.

Paiseh! And thanks for accompanying me, hehe.

It was definitely not fun at all to go to a shop full of stinky attitude.


Going to meet my Dave in a couple of minutes

Gotta run, huggies!

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Reason for the relief.

Nope Shiya, I din’t get promoted 😉

The whole reason for me feeling down, then excited was because……….

I nearly got retrenched, yup.

My MKT dept and PFS dept was supposed to merge to get more synergy out of doing things. Pretty logical and I would definitely say, wise move.

However, because of the shift, my rice bowl was thrown right down on the floor. I was at a risk of having no job because my position would no longer exist come 1st Dec. It was definitely a frightening and helpless feeling.

Fortunately for me, I had a very very good boss. He tried his best to fight for a headcount in the team and managed to. Thus, come 1st Dec, I would move to the Research and Segmentation team (still in the same overall team) helping out with Research and one portfolio for CCM (Some Programming thingy that I had to learn).

It came out as a pleasant surprise for me because:

1) I no longer had to leave the company

2) I no longer had to do admin, I can learn new things

3) If I was retrenched, my bonus would be gone too. 😦


Yea, things are really unexpected. Full of ups and downs. I can see it as a major turning point in my worklife. Good or bad, I don’t know yet.  I just feel very grateful for having such a good boss who fights for me.

Thank you boss (I know he would never read it but I sincerely thank him from my heart)!!!

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There is a change in events!

;D *smiles from left to right, right to left*

Will explain later!

In an extremely happy and relieved mood now!

*hugs everyone!*

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Life @ Work

I’ve come to a realization that it doesn’t matter whether or not you are just a small fry in the company.

Politics would still surface, whether you liked it or not.

And no matter how hard you work, people still choose to gossip/backstab about you.

I should have learnt, right from the days when I was still in St John’s.

It seems to be just another classic scenario.

I need to be strong. I need to perservere!

A few more months to go.

I can do it.

I know it.

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