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CNY stoneness.

I am so stoned.

I have been sleeping at 6:30 for the past 2 nights and waking up at 11?

I can feel the strain on my body AND my mental health.

Gonna sleep earlier tonight to be good.

I will have to try drastically to adjust back my work timings.

Hopefully it isn’t too difficult.

Damn sleepy. Damn tired. Damn stoned.

I think if someone were to give me a tight slap now, it probably wouldn’t be as painful as what it’s supposed to be.


Yesterday I fell down in town.

Yep, ultimate paisehness.

I was more in pain than feeling paiseh…my stupid heels gave way to a slit on the floor.

Now my ankle still feels the sore.



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Chinese New Year 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂

2008 is here…time flies. Am going to be 22 this year!

Just got reminded of this funny SMS my friend sent me.

It showed this pig…and the following part of it was (translated to english):

“byebye.. I am going to be ‘bah gua’ soon! -_-”


I had quite a lot of fun disturbing my nephew.

Actually, I don’t think he’s considered my nephew.

Supposed to be 2nd cousin  first cousin if you were to really say.

Nephew is the children of your siblings. But he is the child of my cousin.

So yeah. Complicated issue :p


He is really happy when someone feeds him food. He literally dashes to the cake being offered.



I was really tickled by his actions. He likes to go around distributing the bottles of new year goodies to everyone. Haha!!! Look at my funny expression. He looks really satisfied.

Like I always preach, “Kids are cute…when they are not yours” :p

My colleague said that when I grow older and my maternal instincts kick in, maybe I wouldn’t think that way.

We shall see Heh.


Ernest came over to visit my granny, so yup, my granny and him.

He wore the same shirt as my Dad last year. A very hilarious moment. He’s so fortunate that he did not attempt the same stunt this year =p

Let’s look at the recap:


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