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No shite, I absolutely LOVEEEEE my new speakers!

There there…what’s a computer without speakers?

Initially I tried to figure out the installation (Pretty much idiot-proof) and was having problems.

I was cursing and swearing cos I really didn’t want to lug back the heavy speakers to AMK.

Tried to adjust all sorts of volumes, but still, no sound.

Then the ingenious me unplugged and plugged again.. and I nearly got the fright of my life -_-||

The volume was maximum, was playing CRAZY FROG. Imagine the shock when the sound blasted!

Courtesy of Dearrr ;p Thanks hor! :p


Shall post up photos of the speakers and my comp..soon!




Notice that one of the speakers is below? Cos it’s far too cramped to put it on the desk :S so I left it above my woofer. The pinky bag stores all my chargers (ipod, camera, PSP)


My sis and I when we were really young. I was about 5 I guess. And look! The angel I made last time =p


My collection of beauty products – I love that Jurlique moisturizer (It’s non-oily and feels really good when applied) The downside of it is that it’s really pricey. For 30ml, it’s about AUD49 ~ SGD63.

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Christmassy Seassony

I am like sneezing my nose away this Christmas.. been quite sick since Sunday?

Dave’s sick too. Probably infected by the T-virus* that I have passed to him.

Caught The Golden Compass just now.. yeah, I know I am probably one of the latest person alive to watch it or something.

Pretty nice, hopefully the 2nd part will screen soon.


A very nice diamond pendant from Dave’s parents. I like it a lot! =P Kept taking it out to take a look..Heh!


*T-virus from Resident Evil, Muahha!

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Reflections 07?

I was thinking of how 2007 was..and suddenly my mind went on to something.

I will be turning 22 next year.

Like omgwtf when did it happen?!

Didn’t my 21st just passed not too long ago?

What about my 18th???

It seems that I have zoomed past the ages of ‘growing up’ and ‘adulthood’.

Now I am an official adult, a lady who will never reveal her age.

Sobs. Time waits for no man. *Bawls loudly*

Pretty depressed to know that I will be 22 soon. I shall delude everyone that I am forever 17 and start singing ‘Dancing Queen’.

Even slight partying leaves me drained. I know I have said this a zillion times but each time I go, the tormenting never seems to end.

I just can’t wait for the whole session to end so I can zonk out in bed. How bout that for a *ahem* 17 years girl? Cannot be, right??

Ah well, another one of my self-deluding nights where I watch my Dave sleep.

Yup, the below photo looks like him when he’s asleep.



Had such a bad mense cramp last night that I felt the pain even when I was dreaming.

Menses IS a monthly nightmare affair.


I shall follow Liming’s style and blog:

merry christmas everyone! (I copied and pasted to save trouble of colouring.)

Thanks in advance, Liming!

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Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas is coming once again.

It’s a season of joy and giving.

Managed to get some last minute gifts for my colleagues.

I just procrastinate too much 😦 The thought of squeezing with throngs of people in town doesn’t sound exactly fascinating.

Thus, I went to neighbourhood AMK Hub to get my gifts.

Eh, not bad one leh the things over there. Not exactly very cheap too, average pricing!

Every year I used to go partying during this season..but I suppose this year I will spend a quiet day with Dave.

It’s good to break free from the norms too 🙂


Before I blogged this entry, I suddenly got reminded of something pretty hilarious to me.

In 2005 X’mas, I went over to Pam’s house to bake some cookies as gifts for my friends.

Was supposed to give some to Dave (Not my bf then)… which I promised him.

Days passed by and I never gave him. He went to ask Pam regarding the cookies.

When I found out, I confessed to him that I ate all his share =P

Think he was pretty disappointed and disgusted at the same time.

Hehe… He is probably so used to it now that I am forever so gluttony… always craving for some foodie to eat.

I miss him =P I like to stare at him sleep… I think he looks damn cute when he’s asleep.


Got myself a new computer to be put in my room.

This comp is a lil crazy, sometimes working, other times crashing.

And I wonder why. Zzz.

Now I still don’t know whether or not I should shut down the computer.

If I don’t, it’s a waste of electricity.

Yet if I do, I don’t know for sure if I can start the comp up.

It’s a dilemma. Ha!


I am hungry. Finished an apple.

*rubs tummy*

I think I can finish a whale if given.

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