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Tried baking some cookies when I was on leave.

It turned out to be pretty prata-like.

Plaster prata, that is.  LOL

Pretty disastrous! I think I simply suck with kitchen stuff!!

I am so not going to be a housewife next time =p


The initial part when it was supposed to inflate..


Then it started deflating! Really din’t know where it went wrong 😦 Depressing!


End Result: Pretty delicious prata-look-alike cookies!  Eh, it’s really not bad lor =x

Ah well, guess I will just have to try again next time!



My new indulgence.. Looks good right? :p I simply couldn’t resist!

Tsk! I can’t seem to find time to read my books. I better be more hardworking =p

Please, drag me out of any bookstores when I roam in. I just can’t help it :/


See! I found the book =p … but it’s not mine! Belongs to Brandon. Haven’t read it yet!


Oh ya, I have finished reading Without Mercy.

Shiya, you want to borrow? It’s a good book!

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Remember the book I bought?


I have finished reading it.

Simply amazing book. Really.


I wonder how people actually survive through childhood torments, only to be taunted by them when they reach adulthood.

Anya Peters is one fine example.

I really, really admire her courage.

For peeps who wish to read up more about her, please visit her blog @ http://www.wanderingscribe.blogspot.com

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Hee!! New books for indulgence 🙂

Shiya! Look! That’s THE book “Without Mercy” *grins* I managed to get the last book without that scratch in MPH.

A pity the book I wanted regarding the Yakuza was sold out in all bookstores!

Can you imagine how popular it is?!

Like, wow!!!

I went PageOne, MPH, Times…and they were all sold out 😦

I guess I just have to wait…

“Abandoned” and “Without Mercy” are two true life stories…while Dante’s Inferno is a literature book that describes the route to hell.

My colleague commented that I am so morbid. Quite, I guess.

I dislike reading ‘too happy’ books because..they don’t really have that kind of appeal for you to conscientiously read through.


Marley and Me, a captivating and heartbreaking book.

A long way gone, an inspiring book.



Pretty good book but not as great as what the reviews claim it to be.


Anyone wants to borrow feel free to ask. Just one request, please return it to me in the same condition that I have lent it to you, cos I absolutely abhor people who dog-ear books/fold them/dirty them.

If you are able to keep to the request, I am more than willing to lend it to you! 🙂

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