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BKK Trip

I did not take many photos in BKK, cause generally their buildings look pretty similar to Singapore’s.

And which is my favourite-est place?

Got to be Siam Paragon man, *grins*

It’s much bigger than Singapore’s, and has a lot more brands. They even sell Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari and more in the shopping centre itself! Of course, that is definitely far beyond my reach.

Bumble-Bee Lotus

Not forgetting how much I love their discounts over there. Up to 40% off for brands such as Mont Blanc, Kate Spade! Their Gucci is more pricey than ours though.

And the best part is, not many locals visit these shops in Paragon. Unlike Singapore -_-

Paragon in Singapore is like Far East Plaza for the slightly-more-atas people now.

Then, we have the ever-famous Macdonalds, in a Sawadeeka pose

Nice filet-o-fish burgers in their Mac. Soft, crispy and simply yummy. I see Macdonalds in a different light now.

I love tuk-tuk rides…and there we have this ‘relac-jack’ uncle…I call him, Jack.

Look at his pose! So relaxing right haha!!! It’s as if nothing bothers him at all.

That’s donkee and me in the Tuk-Tuk. I miss the reckless driving 😦

But I hate being exploited just because we are tourists!

At Chatuchak. Lots of little doggies. So cute and they cost only SGD40 -_-”

As compared to Sg… Sheesh. Sometimes you wonder if the high cost of living is an understatement to the max.

That’s their MRT cards. Quite old-school. It’s very similar to the ones we use before we had ez-link cards.

Quite nostalgic eh, Donkee and I were discussing on how people used to swipe their sweat off using these cards. Yuck.

Steamboat that costs us 98 Baht each… which translates to SGD4.

We were both quite at loss as to how to use it, sad but true.

Anyway, look at the girl behind me. Quite young, but pretty.

But I caught sight of her spitting out her phlegm. Not quite a favourable sight when you are eating.

Outside MBK. That’s the only proper body shot photo of both of us. Ha!

Early in the morning. You can see from our shagged looks and unkempt hair.

On our way back. Quite sad 😦

That’s my Chupa-Chups bag. Haha! Didn’t know what to get with my tax rebates (About SGD15), so just topped up a little to get this crazy looking crocodile, which Donkee calls it ‘Thai Thai’.

Little Donkee safeguarding our passports and important stuff while we are out shopping. He had been a great security guard, I must say!


We were so blur on our way back that we thought our flight was 8:35, which was actually 9:35. Then we started calculating earlier because we fear there will be a traffic jam. Then we thought we had to go early for tax refund.

So we conservatively, and is VERY conservatively, reached the airport at 4:40am? Our flight was 9:35am.

-_- Quite idiotic right? Tried to force ourselves asleep in the airport because there really isn’t anything we can do.


That’s the both of us. I was frowning cause I just woke up.

It’s really a great BKK trip. I am looking forward to my next trip with you Donkee!

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