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Seems pretty difficult to wake my boyfriend up -_-

Think he must be really really really tired.

Tomorrow is work once again, a little apprehensive as I will be starting my training on the new job scope.

It’s good in a way, less people seem to be bugging me regarding admin stuff.

Sometimes I feel irritated by my colleagues. When the admin assistants were around, no one complained that the system was not good whatsoever. However, now that they need to get their hands on dirty, they start whining, complaining. They give comments that such a system should be abolished, if not changed.

They always take us for granted. Let them have a taste of their own medicine.


Imagine, one year plus of doing the ‘stupid system’ that they mentioned? When we were suffering, no one ever bothered can?


I am feeling pretty sleepy myself too. Must be the weather. It looks too good to sleep.


Christmas is coming! And I got no friggin’ idea what to get =/ My colleague gave me this soft toy from Sanrio, Cinammon, in short, CN. Dear names it Chao Nua -_-! It’s really cute and huggable.

My Christmas wishlist is a computer, a bedside table, a telephone cord beside my bed and a puppy (Most likely very impossible).


Hungryyy!! Gah! I have this insane craving for oysters ever since I am back. Melbourne’s oysters are, SLURPS, YUMMY!!! -_- Been bugging Dear about that… Other than Marriott and Marche, no idea where else there are oysters :/

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Managed to get my photos up on Facebook.

Go view if you’re interested! 😉

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I wanted to upload the pics in my facebook and I realized that my brother’s at home :/

This means that I can only upload the next time. I can’t wait to get my own computer.


I feel that I am beginning to be able to withstand cold pretty well, probably due to the training from Melbourne.

I would feel cold easily in the office, even when my coat was on. However, I did not wear any coat today. And I felt that the temperature was just right.

Lips are cracking very badly even after layers of lip balm has been applied. It looks like a bruise actually. Hopefully my lips would heal real soon.

Felt a bit tired today during work… maybe I am still pretty exhausted and not adjusted back to work-life. A little depressed but I guess it’s reality check time.

Hopefully I can go Melbourne again – maybe in a different season. Did I tell you? The summer flies were so irritating! At least 10 flies on your body when the temperature was warm, argh! If I were to go during winter, think I would probably freeze. I still would like to go during that season, for vanity sake =p I can buy lots of nice winter clothes and wear boots, and no one will ever dare comment! Heh, I am such a vainpot.

I must really thank my sis for giving me this opportunity to travel there, all expenses (Except shopping) paid. I think without her sponsorship, I would not be able to enjoy myself so much!

And before I forget, I must mention how expensive Australia DFS is. For a Cocksburn Special Port in Australia, it is AUD24…and they charge you SGD35 if you use Sing dollars to pay. However in Singapore, the cost of the same bottle is only SGD28. Big difference, isn’t it!


Let’s hope that my brother goes out soon, so that I can upload the photos. *crosses fingers*

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I am back!

I still love my sunny small island after all *mwah*

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Short lil update

It’s a Monday.. 9pm over here…6am over in Singapore. Back from Sorranto…it’s beautiful… 🙂 I did quite a lot of amazing things like sitting on a speedboat…and DRIVING IT! Yup, that’s what I did 😉 I also sat on a donut which is being pulled by the speedboat. Now my neck seriously aches.

Anyway I am going for breakfast already. Can’t update much. See you guys in our small city soon!

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It’s now 8:13am in the morning over here, means it’s 5:13 in SIN. I miss all you peeps, including becca darling ok? Don’t sad :p

And Liming, you don’t miss me. =( You just want toyboys lols!

Went to a couple of places… the temperature over here is pretty volatile. One moment it can be like 23 deg, the next day, 34. Crazily warm!

I even got to see a snake eat a mouse close up! ;p I know that must be nothing new to Becks LOL. Anyway it’s because Jem’s Dad keeps a snake. Heard that the snake cost abt 160 bucks, and the license fee per month is 200+. Heavy maintenance for a snakey!

Anyway the plane to Mel was pretty bad. I couldn’t really sleep well. The girl in front of me kept moving up and down, leaning really back. The guy behind me took off his shoes and his feet really stinks a zillion! It’s really horrible. S:

Jem has two cute cats called Casper and Monkey. Whenever you call their names, they even will mew back in reply. How clever! I like Casper more, it’s prettier haha! I was talking to Dave last night and they actually followed me, stood beside me throughout the conversation. Funny cats.

Not going to use the comp for long because I’m going to go down for breakie! Will be going to Soranto (Not sure the spelling) for the weekend. It’s at Jem’s grandfather’s beach house! I will be back here on Monday, followed by packing up on Tuesday. Wednesday will be Home Sweet Home! How fast!

Oh btw, there’s really nothing much to buy over here. It’s either too expensive (Believe me, you get similar goods in SIN), or it’s too expensive. Haa! As of now, I only got myself a dress and a cap. That’s all! >.<

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