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So I went for lunchie with my healthy baby Liming on Monday at Northpoint HK Cafe.

And since she loves me so much, she has taken 2 photos of me 😉

She sent it to me and said:

roars. says:
roars. says:
i send u ur picture now
roars. says:
go put on ur blog

;P So here I am, posting these photos, heh.


I don’t like my vampy tooth =(


Drinking my hot honey green tea 😡

Northpoint HK Cafe has become my rendezvous place with my healthy baby :p

And she says she misses me , pretty often (or so I would like to think)

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Family Potrait

In a family potrait, we look pretty happy.

We look pretty normal, let’s go back to that.

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One Decade!

I was thinking of Jas’s birthday..when suddenly a thought came to my mind.

Whoa! In less than a month’s time, the bunch of us has known each other for a decade.

One-frigging-decade ok!

Woohoo! How many friends can last for one decade?

Of cos, more decades will come =p

Till we get married, till we have kids, till we grow old.

I sound like… I’m in love with my girls. HAHA!

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It’s time for me to migrate to a new blog.

This blog is really so full of angst.

Will update when I’m done.

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