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Pup love~

My hardworking boyfriend came over to look after Jodan when I went to school.

Being the paranoid him, he simply can’t stand dust and dirt and ended up changing Jodan’s papers at least 4 times -_-

See the resistance from his look? Haha! Near pop out eyes!

Boo, he only cares about Jodan, Jodan, Jodan!!!

Me, too =x

Up close of him sleeping 🙂

Oozing some paternal instincts? :p

I love this pic haha! He looks so funny sleeping.

My favourite pic too. Little Jodan looking at Donkee, wondering what he’s doing 😉

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Jodan’s Growing Up

As requested by my excited sis, more photos of Jodan boy 🙂

Look how haggard I’ve become just from taking care of him.

He’s literally like a little baby, demanding attention, wanting people to care for him, to listen to his demands

Him sleeping on my lap. He loves doing so, and can sleep for hours, causing my whole feet to cramp.

Peeping Tom!

This is my favourite picture. Look at his tiny ‘fangs’. These hurt.

But I think he looks really cute that way =p

He’s getting a little heavier already. Think he’s growing at a pretty fast pace.

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My new love

My very handsome boy – Jodan :p

Precious Jodan. He’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

And he’s really like a King, demanding his way throughout!

3 mths old only! 😉

And mummy loves him!

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Feel so affected by my dream.

A dream of a lost friendship. No, the friendship didn’t die.

A dream of a lost friend. A friend who ended up passing away.

Someone who is close to me.

Thinking of it scares me.

I shall not mention names, but, it’s a reminder dream that I should treasure the close ones around me.

May the rain end soon.

I wanna go town.

And I love U-Squeez 😀

Very lagi best! haha!

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It’s a weird dream.

5 Hammies, 2 Guineas.

Think I miss them quite a bit.

Must be. Or is it them coming back to visit me because it’s the 7th mth?

I miss all of you 😦

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That frigging doc from 627.


Quote, “After you have your medicine today, you should be fine tomorrow.”

How come I still am not feeling exactly better?

He said I’m down with some stomach flu and stress.

One day MC. And I thought one should rest more if they are stressed?


My headaches are in their on-off mode.

Help Help!

And the doc says I have sensitive airway,

which means that if it worsens, I will have what we call, the Asthma.

Hopefully it’s not, because he wanted to prescribe me an inhaler, but I didn’t think it was necessary.


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Zoo 020808

Hey everyone, thanks for your concern, I’m feeling much better now 🙂

Was feeling a bit down and out, stressed and unhappy then.


Went to the Zoo yesterday and it was great 🙂

Zoo these days really became much smaller!

I used to remember walking there till 6pm, and still not done with all the sights of animals.

We ended our trip at 1+ yesterday?

Stark difference, or is it due to the length of my legs?

Talking about that, my legs hurt, it is super sore!

Must be the lack of exercise I suppose?

Very interesting fact about the different cultures.

Look at the third photos, it’s the tribe Mursi, whose women’s bride-price is “determined by the size of the lip-plate”

So…I guess the bigger the lip-plate, the easier to french kiss? 😛

A year back? Haha..I highly think it’s the same emu. It seems to remember me!

Ok apparently I have a much longer hair now, thank God! 😉

See the difference in our height? It’s compared to a big fat koala polar bear of 3m.

I’m just half of it (literally)!

Sloth!! Donkee loves sloths because they resemble my character -_-

Slow and lazy.

Oh yes, he was very disappointed that the Zoo doesn’t carry donkees anymore.

The very very emotional-looking proboscis monkey. He was facing the walls, literally! Did he just have an argument with…

She (assuming) looks equally emotional too!

The beautiful cobweb 🙂

Stupid boyfriend asking me to mimic a typical photograph a maid will take, at some “Botanical Gardens”


Very true words, how many people out there can be so benevolent?

Look! The giffy’s long tongue. How about some french kissing baby?

Cute right? The giffy looks like it’s smiling 😀 Must be the food!

Since I’m getting sleepy, I shall end this post with a very very sweet parting shot.



I miss hanging out with the girls, we should meet up soon! Esp. Shiya, when was the last time I’ve seen you!

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