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A draining night leads to an equally tormenting morning.

It’s like a broken recorder, always playing the same parts over and over again.

When you try to fix the damn recorder,the thing snaps and breaks down.

What’s the issue over with the recorder?

Is it because it’s old? Is it because you do not constantly maintain it? Or is it simply not meant to be?

Food for thought.


Behind those smiles spins a story.

A story untold and left hanging.


A broken heart, a broken smile.


I’m drowning, there’s no float.

The only reality is that I’m sinking deeper into it.

Helplessly I scream, fearfully I tread,

There’s just no one around to help.


“You are too stuck up, too selfish, too stubborn and thinks that you have two brains instead of one”

Am I?

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Decipher it.

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Tears in Heaven

I kept repeating the song “Tears in Heaven”

An old song, but a touching one nonetheless.

I especially love this part:

time can bring you down
time can bend your knees
time can break your heart
have you beggin please
beggin please

Time… so priceless, yet so cruel at the same time.

Many people have issues about time, some wants it to go back, some wants it forward.

And of cos, some just wants it to remain still, just for that moment.

What about you?

No matter how one tries to grasp with time, once it’s gone, it will forever be gone.

That is what makes life so vulnerable.


“Clapton wrote this about his 4-year-old son Conor, who died when he fell out of a 53rd floor window in the apartment where his mother was staying in New York City.” (http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1274)

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Back to School

I am an undergrad now.

The reality strikes me as I look at the boxes for my books.

It’s back to school once again.

UniSim, welcome me 🙂

And notice I added a new category under “School days”?

Bet there will be quite a bit of entries in future.

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5 Months!

Happy 5 months baby 😀

I love you! hehehe *grins foolishly*

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Suddenly I miss Hammies, Yiu Yiu & Gib Gib.

Was flipping through my old album out of boredom, and I wonder where they are now =/

For people who have got no idea what is Yiu Yiu & Gib Gib, they were my beloved guinea pigs.

I miss their siren squeaks.

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