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Every night before I head to bed, I will look at my wall, and think of you 🙂


I love you!

P/s: I love the feeling when you joined my parents and me for dinner. Feels great heh.

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I am so so so happy and satisfied!

This is the works of donkee and me:

heh, we spent the entire noon till evening just to complete it.

Not forgetting the yellow background, which we had painted a week before.

The effort is mainly borne by donkee, who was doing 80% of the job.


He really put in a lot of effort doing it.


Thanks donkee, muacks!!!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

22nd already =(

Where did my 21 years fly away? Just right before my eyes?

Gee. Gonna celebrate with donkee tonight.

Thanks for all the celebrations and well-wishes that I have received.

🙂 Thank you!

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Thank Yew!!!!

Hee! Happy day today! 🙂

Enjoyed myself so much… catching up with the gals.

And thank you so so so much for the ring 😀

You don’t know how much it means to me! Donkee even asked why I keep looking at it, haha!

So many years have passed, 1 more year to a decade of friendship! 😀

Hehe… This ring is so special because it has a ’99 on it, which represents the year that we all got to know each other. 😛

Heh heh!

Thanks babes, thank you so much for this meaningful little gift!

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I love my new Tempur pillow heh heh.


Thanks donkee 😛 It’s really damn shiok


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I can’t wait to travel to BKK with my donkee boy.

20th June, I simply can’t wait! 🙂

Looking forward to meeting the girls!

Hee Hee. Me is a happy girl.

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3 Months. San ge yue.

Happy 3 months.

Heh heh. :X

Lub u donkeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love you, more than words 🙂

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