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I wanna escape!

I feel like travelling.

And not the travel that I engage in to and fro from my home to work vice versa.

So tempted to go visit my sis again in Melbourne.

Going on a sponsored boat trip with Manny and friends this coming 9th May.

Looking forward to it 🙂

If possible, I wanna head to Bangkok too!

Lots of places I wanna go, but lots of constraints:

1) $$$ Issues

2) Lack of Time

3) Lack of Leave


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My First Tattoo!

My new tattoo :p

Ok I know it differs damn a lot from the one I wanted initially.

But the person told me I can’t really put that design cos it is too small for the needle for that design on my leg.

And it hurts. Damn. 😦

I managed to scrape it through, though the constant ‘slicing’ of my leg near the ankle nearly made me shiver.

Let’s wait for it to heal! 🙂 🙂

Thanks Becca and Aloy for helping me book that appointment (First step to my courage to tattoo..bobian, can’t back out already right? haha!)

Thanks Donkee for your support beside me!

So..this is my first tattoo, will it be the last?

We shall see 😛

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I think I suck at networking 😦

Was at a seminar just now, the posh type, with all the higher level executives over.

I was the only one from my team there, so was kind of lost?

And I realize I am not as sociable as I thought myself to be.

Or maybe it’s the stress. The atmosphere?

I did make a few contacts (pat pat), but I guess there is definitely room for improvement.

Maybe I just feel inferior =(

When they passed me their namecards, it was all from LV/Gucci etc. cardholders.

Me? My staff pass ‘pouch’

Ultimate joke of the day.



On a lighter note, I won a quiz and got myself a bottle of reserve wine.

I proved that even small little fries are clever at times :p

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I was thinking for quite sometime to get a tattoo.

Looking through all the designs online.

I wanted one small little tattoo…and one caught my attention the most.

That’s a gemini sign with a valley of lilies.

I thought it was really interesting because the gemini looks really subtle.

And me is gemini! 😀

Just wondering where to place it… ankle? neck? lower waist? hip? shoulder blades?

I would love to do an ankle, but not sure in future if I want to go for job interviews, I would need to cover up and all, quite troublesome right… furthermore, I am never a pants person.

[side to Brandon: BUT i want to wear the pants for our relationship ok!!! Muahaha!!!]

Neck? Heard that it’s really painful…(ok, not that tattoos are not painful at the first place!) but that design for neck also looks a bit weird.

Lower waist…I think have to increase the size to make it more visible?

Hip wise, quite ok I guess.. but not my top choice.

Shoulder blades look quite lian, haha!

How how how!?!?!?

Any comments on the tattoo design!?

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Sometimes, I wonder, is my expectations really too high?

Do I really demand too much?

Am I really whiney?

Sigh. Maybe, maybe…really this blog is my only vent outlet. :/


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I drink Grow!

Hitting 22 in about 1 month’s time.

Getting really old -_-”

A little scary actually. Whatever happened to my past 21 years seemed like a breeze.

Happpiness, sadness, regret, achievements, failures, all seemed to be written in History.

My History.

I can no longer whine and act childish (though I constantly still do)

Growing up is so tough.

I wish that I was still a young little kid under the care of my Mum.

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Look at the box 🙂 I designed for donkee…to store all his favourite marsh mellows! A bit cock looking though.

And this little bottle heh.

Hope you liked it dear!

Oh yes, before I forget, Happy 2 Months (as of tomorrow) !


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