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Grave of the fireflies.

I just finished watching Grave of the Fireflies.

Damn sad show.


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I am back from Taiwan!!! 🙂

Got quite a bit of things…very heavy to carry everything home!

So I was really really touched and happy that my donkee actually came to fetch me although he has to go back camp tomorrow.

What a surprise darling ;>



That’s you, smoking with my acknowledgment in Danshui :X


That’s your new African girlfriend from Taiwan! Treasure the hard-earned donkee okay!


My spree 😛 , which excludes 2 tops + 1 packet of marshmellows + donkee for my boy, 1 top for my bro and 3 CDs + alcohol for my Dad.

Hur, look at the condoms! It’s for buddy Manny! I’m sure he would appreciate it!

I love the bimbotic looking umbrellas on the left. It’s only 10SGD each! It really looks very very pretty! I don’t mind carrying them out if it’s raining.

I’m feeling really hungry. Maybe I should go try out their instant noodles…!

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I am now in the Airport…waiting for 1230 before I go in 🙂

Am feeling quite sleepy though!

Hopefully I can sleep on the plane.


Cya peeps soon! Heh.

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whee! I am so excited 😛

A few more hours baby!

Haha my mum asked me to go over to ‘san xin’ from all the stress in S’pore.

Thing is, my wisdom tooth hurts me. Sheesh. I hope it gets better!

I’m going to bring painkillers over!

I want to eat all the nice food!

And not forgetting, SHOPPING :D:D:D:D:D *grins*

Now now, I sound so much like a bimbotic girl.

It’s alright to be bimbotic once in a while eh.

Gonna miss everyone in S’pore!

Especially my darling donkee.

Be good alright?

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Thank you dear :)

Thank you dear 😉

Thank you for showering me with care and love.

(‘cept for your crazy temper that is, PLEASE CHANGE :X )

I love it when you bothered to help me pack my luggage, and seem more worried than me about it.

When you actually surfed the NS bulletin to find out more on cures for menses cramps for me…

When we source the entire MarketPlace for Chamomile tea to alleviate the above said.

When you came to stay over despite you being sick.

When you satisfied my oyster cravings.

When you got for me a mini-you-donkee.

When you were actually interested to get me a necklace from online shops (that really touched me a lot)

When you carried my barang barang everytime we go out (Although sometimes you also quite kaysiao…)

When you met up with me despite you feeling tired.

When you were ‘suffering’ during our Nibbles trip…I could see you literally perspire with fear.

And so much more dear…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s really times like this that I realize, how much you actually love me.

And I love you too 🙂

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Taiwan! :D


Taiwan, here i come! 😉


I will be gone from 26 March till 30 March…

Don’t miss me too much 😛

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Hopefully everything goes well :p

Then, Whee~!!! 😀

Can’t wait for tomorrow to confirm everything.

Really excited !

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