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Nel & Sado


Just when I think my world is crashing, God has other plans for me.

You are my plan. 🙂

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Zouk sucks.


Whoever made Zouk and Phuture so mutually exclusive ought to get shot in the head.

It is seriously forcing people to leave the club because the music sucks to the max.

No one was on the dance floor! Maybe a few, but really, it’s NOT happening at all.

A lot of people tried to sneak in to Phuture to no avail.

They should at least free it after a certain time, no?

Really pisses me.

Maybe next time I should just head to St James.

No thanks to Zouk, not anytime near at least.


I wish I was a writer.

A better writer in life.


It’s probably one of the more emo days.

After all… blood monster should be visiting me anytime soon.

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Granny’s 80th!

Tomorrow’s work again.


Quoted by one of my colleagues, “After 1 and 1/2 years of work, I’m finally beginning to feel the monday blues.”

Dude, I felt it all the time, for maybe 1 year ;p


CNY ending soon!

I don’t feel CNY mood except for maybe, the first 2 days.

Yesterday was my Granny’s 80th birthday.

Our family was so huge, we had to open 5 tables.


Taking out the candles. Our family is too big, it’s almost impossible to take a full frontal shot of everyone I guess.


That’s my first cousin and me. Damn cute! He’s the one who likes to go around passing food -_-”

Look at his Mum in the background, very pretty and hippy Mummy!


My closer cousins: Ben & gf, Noelle & Adrian


That’s my Granny and her piece of cake.  She’s someone whom stood by her family fiercely and seen us all grow up through these years. 🙂


The result of Lo Hei from our table.  Quite funny actually cause our table created the most commotion and mess 😛

1/2 the Lo Hei was on the table instead of inside our tummies!


My parents with my unsuspecting Granny & Granddad.


Happy 80th Da Shou, Granny! 🙂 Love you!

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Total Defence Day

Happy Total Defence Day!

Realized that the ‘alarm’ that used to ring at 12pm every year wasn’t ringing anymore!

What happened? Defence strategy changed to biochemical stuff?

Someone enlighten me.

Like, Amir =p If you know haha!

Updates more soon, I feel like a piece of stone now.

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Tried baking some cookies when I was on leave.

It turned out to be pretty prata-like.

Plaster prata, that is.  LOL

Pretty disastrous! I think I simply suck with kitchen stuff!!

I am so not going to be a housewife next time =p


The initial part when it was supposed to inflate..


Then it started deflating! Really din’t know where it went wrong 😦 Depressing!


End Result: Pretty delicious prata-look-alike cookies!  Eh, it’s really not bad lor =x

Ah well, guess I will just have to try again next time!



My new indulgence.. Looks good right? :p I simply couldn’t resist!

Tsk! I can’t seem to find time to read my books. I better be more hardworking =p

Please, drag me out of any bookstores when I roam in. I just can’t help it :/


See! I found the book =p … but it’s not mine! Belongs to Brandon. Haven’t read it yet!


Oh ya, I have finished reading Without Mercy.

Shiya, you want to borrow? It’s a good book!

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CNY stoneness.

I am so stoned.

I have been sleeping at 6:30 for the past 2 nights and waking up at 11?

I can feel the strain on my body AND my mental health.

Gonna sleep earlier tonight to be good.

I will have to try drastically to adjust back my work timings.

Hopefully it isn’t too difficult.

Damn sleepy. Damn tired. Damn stoned.

I think if someone were to give me a tight slap now, it probably wouldn’t be as painful as what it’s supposed to be.


Yesterday I fell down in town.

Yep, ultimate paisehness.

I was more in pain than feeling paiseh…my stupid heels gave way to a slit on the floor.

Now my ankle still feels the sore.



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