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Hee!! New books for indulgence 🙂

Shiya! Look! That’s THE book “Without Mercy” *grins* I managed to get the last book without that scratch in MPH.

A pity the book I wanted regarding the Yakuza was sold out in all bookstores!

Can you imagine how popular it is?!

Like, wow!!!

I went PageOne, MPH, Times…and they were all sold out 😦

I guess I just have to wait…

“Abandoned” and “Without Mercy” are two true life stories…while Dante’s Inferno is a literature book that describes the route to hell.

My colleague commented that I am so morbid. Quite, I guess.

I dislike reading ‘too happy’ books because..they don’t really have that kind of appeal for you to conscientiously read through.


Marley and Me, a captivating and heartbreaking book.

A long way gone, an inspiring book.



Pretty good book but not as great as what the reviews claim it to be.


Anyone wants to borrow feel free to ask. Just one request, please return it to me in the same condition that I have lent it to you, cos I absolutely abhor people who dog-ear books/fold them/dirty them.

If you are able to keep to the request, I am more than willing to lend it to you! 🙂

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Japan Annual Leave

Look at this yahoo news

This is like so shiok lah!

Imagine..when you are heartbroken, you get leave!

There’s also shopping sales leave!!!!

Can I migrate to Japan like now?

On the other hand, I feel that working my ass off trying to forget about the sadness cures better.

At least, you will not tend to look back on the relationship.

Ah well.


Ultimate shiokness!

When will Singapore ever have such an incentive to its workers?

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Is this…the art of God?

If only life was simpler, maybe human beings wouldn’t be so complicated.

To be able to comprehend another being, is a beauty of art.

I have not grasped this art yet, for I do not even understand myself at times.

It seems that I probably have a lot of self-reflection needed to be done?


Blog stats are dropping. Am I getting boring? 😦

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Eh…I still have not bought the storybook =/ All the major bookstores are in town except Times in Tampines. Travelling there is as good as going town.

Hungry hungry!

Here’s my new hairstyle! I am such a camwhore! 😀


Going to town is really a chore because of the crowd.

In order to try a top, you would need to queue 10 mins or something.

Pretty irritating!



My mind has been ringing Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna.

*Dancing mood* Heh!

Is it normal for people to feel happy with a clique of ‘right bunch of people’? The powerful people who has statuses and purchasing power? Where has all the thoughts of simplicity gone to? Has our world become so materialistic that being an average person inevitably leads to lesser friends? Friends choose you based on your financial status? It irks me.

I enjoy the bliss of meeting up with my friends, having a cup of coffee or two, and just chat randomly about things happening in our lives. Simple catching up makes my day 🙂

Of course, humans make choices. Just different ones.


*dances around crazily*


Suddenly I got reminded of what happened yesterday, pretty hilarious to Liming and I.

We were in AX yesterday with Manfred..he was looking for his CNY clothes while Liming and I were walking around.

We started comparing prices and making comments on how some clothes look so fugly and yet priced at such a skyrocketed amount.

One top costing 299SGD can be bought for 39SGD, which looks really similar to one where you can get at northpoint.

And our conclusion of our trip is,

“People came here to shop. We came here to ridicule (at the prices).”


Funny shite.

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I so so so wanna go get: Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster’s Daughter

Must remember!! 🙂

More books to fill my day anytime man!

I love reading books that touches the emotions/history of a person.

I feel that it’s really intriguing to know how people survive with life…and manage to be so brave.

It’s as if they are shouting out to people and say, “Hey look here! I am not who you think I am. But I’m definitely stronger than you are.”

😀 Nice…

Gonna head town later with my spankin’ new hair!

Lalala…. 🙂 🙂

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The Good Days


Woot, I didn’t know wordpress has increased the space for storage to 3GB. Rocks 🙂

Now I can upload heaps of photos already!!!

Anyway that pic is a pre-birthday celebration for Connie at Mambo.


I think this photo is a classic. It gets me cracking up everytime I see it haha!

Manfred was trying to be a ‘Casanova’, having 2 girls one arm each.

We both ended up showing him the middle finger 😀

So much for being a Casanova huh?



I miss Melbourne so much lah. That’s my funny photo in a donut.

Look at my mouth, they are far too wide apart =p

Hopefully I can go over during Winter or something.

May my sister grant me this wish…by sponsoring the tickets, heh heh!


Things to do before CNY:

– Clear up my room

– Buy shoes and 1 top

– Buy Lingerie

– Buy bedsheets

– Hopefully go for manicure + pedicure (If I have time)


In the meantime, I will have to adjust to the timing for Comtech. It’s really a tiring journey but what to do?

Oh ya, before I forgot, the train today jerked so hard, everyone almost flew to the side.

It was so bad that this girl screamed, super loudly. Like whoa.

Count my blessings that I had a seat before the jerk.


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I’m afraid…I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of the nightmares….

I’m so afraid that one day…just one day…I would be forgotten…

Maybe I never ever existed in your life?

I wish that you were here to hug me and assure me that everything is alright.

The more I believe that I’m strong, the more I realize that I’m weak.

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