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A scorpic mystery

Just finished reading a blog by a female blogger.

She’s a scorpio.

I don’t know why, but I always find Scorpios attractive.

It’s the kind of mystery, the thought-provoking feel that they emit.

You know, the vibes?

They tell you things which you subconsciously know but never bothered.

And the best thing?

They leave you speechless, impressed and awed by their wisdom.

I know this post sounds stereotyped, but it’s my general hanging out with them that makes me feel that way.

After all, my Mum, my Sis and Dave – all of them are Scorpios.

Not to forget, I have super lots of cousins who belong to the category too.

But of cos, it’s always a double-edged sword.

The suspense that they lingers might turn into frustrations and the wisdom makes one feel inferior.

I still choose to think the former – Scorpios are sensual, they just leave you craving for more.


I pray that with a coming new year 2008, my health would improve.

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Movie Marathon

I did not exactly sleep very well last night.

I was sooo dead beat, but still, my mind refuses to switch off.

Thanks to the movie “The hill have eyes II”

Dave and I watched 3 movies straight last night – Stardust, Die Hard 4 and The Hill Have Eyes II.

Stardust was an amazing show, not too impressed with Die Hard 4 though.

Not really my cup of tea.

The Hill Have Eyes II. My god, it’s such a gorrifying show that I kept thinking of the images after the show.

I still cannot forget the moment I ate my instant noodles, they screened intestines falling off a person.


It’s a pretty good storyline though, give it a 7.5/10.

As for Stardust, it would be 9/10.

Die Hard 4, probably 6/10 – mainly for the happening effects.

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Been really sick for the past few days.

Was on MC on Thurs and half day on Fri.

I can feel that even my face is breaking out.

My face feels rough, pretty sad ;/

Just now while brushing my teeth, I felt dizziness, and for a moment, I thought I would faint.

Fortunately Dave was around and he helped me to sit and cool down.

The nausea and the churning of my stomach…

I wonder what’s happening to my body.

Seldom will I feel sooo sick for a long time.

Hope that I can get well soon before the new year.

I wouldn’t want to be thought of as MC queen not long after I joined my team.

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No shite, I absolutely LOVEEEEE my new speakers!

There there…what’s a computer without speakers?

Initially I tried to figure out the installation (Pretty much idiot-proof) and was having problems.

I was cursing and swearing cos I really didn’t want to lug back the heavy speakers to AMK.

Tried to adjust all sorts of volumes, but still, no sound.

Then the ingenious me unplugged and plugged again.. and I nearly got the fright of my life -_-||

The volume was maximum, was playing CRAZY FROG. Imagine the shock when the sound blasted!

Courtesy of Dearrr ;p Thanks hor! :p


Shall post up photos of the speakers and my comp..soon!




Notice that one of the speakers is below? Cos it’s far too cramped to put it on the desk :S so I left it above my woofer. The pinky bag stores all my chargers (ipod, camera, PSP)


My sis and I when we were really young. I was about 5 I guess. And look! The angel I made last time =p


My collection of beauty products – I love that Jurlique moisturizer (It’s non-oily and feels really good when applied) The downside of it is that it’s really pricey. For 30ml, it’s about AUD49 ~ SGD63.

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Sickly me.

Arghh…hate to be sick!

I hate to be sneezing and whizzing away with tears flooding my eyes.

Feels so terrible! And my throat… :/

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This, to me, depicts freedom-


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Christmassy Seassony

I am like sneezing my nose away this Christmas.. been quite sick since Sunday?

Dave’s sick too. Probably infected by the T-virus* that I have passed to him.

Caught The Golden Compass just now.. yeah, I know I am probably one of the latest person alive to watch it or something.

Pretty nice, hopefully the 2nd part will screen soon.


A very nice diamond pendant from Dave’s parents. I like it a lot! =P Kept taking it out to take a look..Heh!


*T-virus from Resident Evil, Muahha!

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