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I love the way Evanescence songs give me creeps.

The kind of eeriness, the icky feeling trying to imagine the scenes.

The pain, the torments….kind of lingers in my mind.

Its…sadistic to an extent that I like it 😉

One example is “The Open Door – Snow White Queen”

 Another one of my favourites is Going Under:


Blurring and stirring – the truth and the lies.
(So I don’t know what’s real) So I don’t know what’s real and what’s not (and what’s not)
Always confusing the thoughts in my head
So I can’t trust myself anymore

I’m going under.

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I hate it whenever I throw bitchfits due to PMS.

The receiving end tends to be poor dave.

Not only do I suffer from intense cramps and bouts of nausea, my bloated tummy definitely doesn’t make things better.

Argh :/

I am such an irritable bitch. Screw that.

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Happy Birthday Love

In another 15mins, will be my Dave’s 21st birthday and my Mummy’s forever-21 birthday!.

Happy Birthday to my Love 😉 Congratulations in finally becoming an adult. *grins*



H A P P B I R T H D A D E A R!

And also happy birthday to my beloved mum! I know she loves her Buddha jade pendant, pair of gold earrings and also the family dinner 😉

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Reason for the relief.

Nope Shiya, I din’t get promoted 😉

The whole reason for me feeling down, then excited was because……….

I nearly got retrenched, yup.

My MKT dept and PFS dept was supposed to merge to get more synergy out of doing things. Pretty logical and I would definitely say, wise move.

However, because of the shift, my rice bowl was thrown right down on the floor. I was at a risk of having no job because my position would no longer exist come 1st Dec. It was definitely a frightening and helpless feeling.

Fortunately for me, I had a very very good boss. He tried his best to fight for a headcount in the team and managed to. Thus, come 1st Dec, I would move to the Research and Segmentation team (still in the same overall team) helping out with Research and one portfolio for CCM (Some Programming thingy that I had to learn).

It came out as a pleasant surprise for me because:

1) I no longer had to leave the company

2) I no longer had to do admin, I can learn new things

3) If I was retrenched, my bonus would be gone too. 😦


Yea, things are really unexpected. Full of ups and downs. I can see it as a major turning point in my worklife. Good or bad, I don’t know yet.  I just feel very grateful for having such a good boss who fights for me.

Thank you boss (I know he would never read it but I sincerely thank him from my heart)!!!

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There is a change in events!

;D *smiles from left to right, right to left*

Will explain later!

In an extremely happy and relieved mood now!

*hugs everyone!*

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Life goes on 2

A brave front, to walk ahead of the unknown future.

We all fear the unknown, me, too.

I shall just have to act like I’m the most positive person alive.

So there.

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As for the post yesterday….

I might not even get to see the bank shift to Comtech.


Tian xia mei you bu san zi yan de xi.

There is no forever.

I don’t pin too much hopes.

So yup, life goes on..

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