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Short update

What a busy month it had been!

September is finally coming to an end… looking forward to 2 months later! I still need to go get my Visa and insurance done. Better not procrastinate too long.

I had so many photos to post here that the thought of it simply lazes me.

Anyway, I had a new bunny (which I would post later on) which is called Bunny Joanna. B.J in short =p

It was really cute, and reminded me of Rukia from Bleach ^^

Alrightys, photos (D&D, 1yr anniversary, Pam’s bday) up …soonest possible =p

Oh ya, really tempted to get this set of Bleach figurines from Vivocity. Hrmf.

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Flowers ^^

Thank you darling! đŸ˜‰

For sending flowers to my office. Hee!

Really appreciate and love it alot.


Really made my dull boring lifeless day Happy!


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Weird Dream

I had this really eccentric dream last night.

I dreamt that I was back in NBSS. However, thing is, the design and all is completely different. There are even escalators leading up to the library. Pretty futuristic I would say!

I had a dream about Becca. It was a dream in a dream. I remember telling her how weird NBSS was now. We were in a class (surprisingly) studying. LOL! Then we went to the toilet and I got so grossed out with the cubicles. It was all in squat-style and VERY VERY dirty. Something along the line with lots of shit.

Erm, then I woke up after my stupid alarm went like, “Boy boy..let me get freakin’ around, I wanna get down..Red-blooded woman what’s the point in hanging round round?”

Zzz. Time for work! =_=

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Sometimes I wonder, why do we even have to bother when people are so obliged to meetup or whatsoever.

Giving excuses…Saying that they are ‘busy’ and all. It all boils down to a matter of choice isn’t it?

To act all interested, then rejecting, is just purely irresponsible.

Do you know how difficult it is to be an organizer – even though the number of pax is small?

I think it’s pure crap when you start to push the blame to us saying that all we do is always think about ourselves and never your schedule. Have you ever thought that you, the PRINCESS, never bothered to ask us?

And it’s a friend’s bday, an exception as a friend, is it really too difficult for you to handle?

Self-proclaiming that you are not a good friend, go ahead. Really.

I won’t bother much. You had my blog address. It’s either you read it or you don’t.

But honestly, I don’t give much damn about it.

I was just probably one of your ‘lunch khakis’ in the past. Now that you do not need us, it’s ok to chuck us aside ya?

If you really blame us for scheduling times when ‘you need to work the next day’ and ‘got ppl looking’, then I’m so sorry, we shouldn’t even put you in such predicament where you WANT are obliged to go out but you CAN’T.

I’m sure you feel equally disturbed that why at the first place you know us, ya?

Like, whatever.

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“Anyone can cook”


*Widens my eyes*

Maybe I am worst off than a rat.


I need inspirations………..!

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One last post for the day before I head to my dreamland.

Why do I hear couples getting married/having children so often these days???

It seemed like I had heard at least 4 couples getting married and maybe 5 having children in a span of 1 yr?


Is it just my social circle or what?

Becca, when’s your turn đŸ˜‰

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After watching ‘Falling in Love’ from Chn8, 7pm show..I realize I am quite similar to the youngest sister – Zisi.

Stubborn, Egoistic, Pampered and Competitive.

Die die want to win -_-

Some of the scenes remind me of Dave. Haha!

Like how I used to go like, ‘YA OK BYE!’ to him when I feel my temper rising.


It’s like a reflection on the mirror =p

I definitely need to grow up!

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