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Love :)

A very simple and true definition of love:

When you tell someone something bad about yourself and you’re scared they won’t Love you anymore. But then you get surprised because not only do they still Love you, they Love you even more.

– Matthew – age 7

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I was taking the train in the morning when this little boy’s sharp voice drew my attention. He was chubby, had sweet little dimples and was very noisy. He yakked and whined a lot. I was a little irritated but I just looked on.

His mum was reprimanding him, telling him off while he went on whining. It was not until I was near reaching my station when I noticed the little boy suddenly grabbing a guy’s hand. I was surprised because I didn’t know that was actually his Dad. Throughout so many stops, hisĀ  parents never seemed to communicate. As an outsider, you wouldn’t even realize his existence.

The little boy then bugged his Dad and such like that. I could see that the boy loved attention. At Somerset station, his Dad alighted. The little boy waved goodbye to his Dad and whined saying he missed Daddy.

Then came the question from the Mum, “Who do you want to choose – Daddy or Mummy?”

Although it might be just an intuition, I highly feel that they were on the process of divorce. From the looks of their communication style and the weird question the Mum brought forward.

Poor boy, he was only like, 4 the most? Guess this is pretty common these days but I can’t help feeling sorry for the noisy little boy.

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Sometimes I am so tired.

Tired beyond words.

Tired of how I am being treated.

Being nice doesn’t pay good.

And when you start ranting a little, people get pissed.

Fine then, I shall rant no more.

Now I just feel like running to a small corner and hide

I don’t feel like facing anybody.

I feel like escaping from this reality that all mankind are fucked up.

which obviously includes me.

Hell yea.

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Fame of Life II

It’s a freaking scam can?

Not sure how scam-my it is, but its definitely GROSS.

Money can’t buy me over to STAY with you and BE YOUR PARTNER

Whatever bull you were ranting.

So what if you can provide me with MONEY? You are just a pathetic 40 plus year old LOSER!


I still have my dignity, pride and love!


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Whining bitch


I’m bored. Superbly duperbly bored.

Boredom stress sets in…..

I’m such a whiner bitch that I cannot stand myself at times.

Lots of workload = Whine

Little workload = Whine


Nothing satisfies me, really!


And know what?


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Fame of Life

I had a very weird encounter today.

While I was going to take bus to Dave’s place, this guy approached me. He said he was from HK and asked if I was interested in acting. I was so shocked, because I thought he wanted to ask for directions.

The conversation went on about how old I was, whether I was married/attached and what kind of job was I holding. He said that if I was very interested, I would have to give up everything in Singapore, including Dave. On and on, he said that Mediacorp would not be able to bring me anywhere. I asked for his namecard and he said he did not have it with him because he was on a holiday. He then took my number and said that he would call me if he thought that my profile was good.

Incentives such as travelling to HK and USA was normal, pay US 3K – 4K…I then questioned that given my height, why did he even want me? He then said he wanted a young girl so that she can develop for many years.

This went on for a good 10 mins before he said would call me. It’s really weird.

These days, I seem to always be meeting eccentric people out of no where. Remember the lady who asked me about the corset? I thought she was a Hongkie too :S?

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