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It’s weird! My post is gone! Just like that!

I was approving Shiya’s comment on retail therapy and suddenly there’s nothing?!

*freaky bloggie*

Shiya’s comment:
yea, it doesn’t always work…

and gosh wat happen to ur hair!! its so short!! but still u look

and i want go to the zoo too!! its been ages since i’ve been there!!

Anyway to Yaya: Yea, lets go zoo man. I love zoo!!! muahha. Maybe I belong there =p

These days doesn’t seem to go well for me. I nearly fell down just now, tripping on my own leg. And I think I kind of injured my kneecap. It was pretty painful for quite some time ūüė¶

Then, I went for facial in I-Spa. It was supposed to be free because of a voucher. I spent 1 hr on the facial and 45mins on her SALES TALK. My GOD……. -_-”

My ear drum cells probably shrivelled and died.

First, she introduced me this package 688 for 8+2 sessions? I think she saw my reluctance, so she went on about this 500plus for 5+2. Knowing that I still don’t look convinced, she ‘FORMULATED’ a special package for me which is 300plus for 5 sessions.

I kept telling her that I had to think over it. Cmon lah, so expensive??! No money can -_-. After 45mins of bugging me here and there, think she finally gave up and said will KIV me. She will call me on Friday noon *poor me*

I think if your facial is good, people will initiate to go there for more. With such hard selling (even refusing to let me get out of the room unless I sign at least 1 package), it only frustrates consumers more. I do enjoy the facial, but all I wanted to do was to go home and rest after a tiring day, NOT sales talks.

 Thanks, but no thanks!

Not forgetting the intense pain that I had endured throughout the ‘extraction’ period. Holy shit. Tears were falling as she ‘diligently’ digs right into my sensitive skin. Also, the beautician KEPT YAWNING THROUGHOUT the session. Hello, so boring to do my face?

She kept emphasising on my blackheads, in awe like its the most scary thing that she had ever seen. BOOSHIT man :/

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I was surfing through Friendster (what to do when you are damn bored?), linking friends. Went to this friend’s friend page…and she just got married recently. More than half of the photos posted was her wedding photos.

Suddenly it got me thinking. How does it feel like to entrust your future to a guy? How do you know that both of you will last? Does having a status means forever? How does one feel when you become a Missus so-and-so?

From young, I had never really believed in marriage. I always felt that marriage was just a piece of paper, for you to buy a house legally. This piece of paper might not come easy, but it can be destroyed in merely a few seconds. Just by the word: TRUST.

Trust takes forever to build up, but moments to destroy. I am one who trusts people easily. I tend to give people the benefit of doubt, for I feel that everyone is kind by nature. However, once its gone, its gone. I would not be able to find back the same amount that I used to have.

Thus, to me, you can know a person for a very long period of time. How do you know if the person is THE ONE for you? Through what actions does he show that he will stay faithful for you due the day you die? Human beings change. And when they do, its pretty scary. Once one loses the trust, the hurt of betrayal lingers for lifetimes to come.

I might feel happy whenever I see others get married – the smiles on their faces, the radiance that glows, but¬†a cynical part of me can’t help¬†wondering if these smiles will last for years to come. The very person whom you vow to love, would it really transcend all situations?

And, ultimately, even though both of you had lasted long, would both of you be happy? Marriage – soure of happiness, no?

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Zoooo Trip

Oo~ Finally, we went to the Zoo.

With Dave’s parents. =o His dad’s company (SIA Engineering) organized an event in the Zoo, on the very day that we wanted to go. Thus, we went there using the free tickets.

And yeah Becca, you were right. The Zoo was really very different from the past. I could not see animals like peacocks, normal tigers, hippos etc. Quite sad ūüė¶

I shall let the photos speak for themselves (Just a few photos, too lazy to upload many)


The entrance (as usual, I take blurry photos)


‘Zoo’, as depicted by Dave


Elephant truck?


Nice photo of Dave and his mum. I took it! =X


Lazy afternoon…?


What’s a camera without photowhoring?


I am damn scared of this EMU lah! It seems to like me a lot or something! -_- My mum said I must be its friend in my past life *faints*


I can’t remember what this animal is called. But I like it. It’s cute! =p


I am sure you peeps will love this. Dave kept going on like “zzzzz…zzz”, making the gross insect sounds. -_-


Trying to imitate this guy =p



Happy 10 months darling. Muacks! Love u!

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Best Trainee Award

Congratulations my love =)

You truly deserved the best trainee award, for all the effort in the past few months!

And I am soooooo proud of you.

I knew you could do it! You did not fail me darling.

You are just so amazing !


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Everything is intact!

I have never ever laughed till I puked my drinks out before. Make that a past tense.

“Everything is intact!”, quoted Liming.

You wouldn’t want to know how I literally puked out my lemon tea, right onto her! As to what we were discussing, it shall remain unknown =p Go figure , hur! I think we both laughed so loudly, half the people in McDonalds must have thought we were insane!

A new shop opened up near Khatib McDonalds and I went in. What immediately caught my attention was the colorful handsets hanging on the wall. It was not a typical handset. It was THE HANDSET, LINKED TO A EARPIECE.




Can you imagine how dumb it looks? You holding on to a handset, which is connected to a MOBILE PHONE. It is the dumbest crap I have ever seen! I wanted to take a photo of it but too bad, the person was looking at me, so was not able to. Thus, in order to better illustrate the ‘scene’, I drew a picture of it instead.


As usual, please enlarge for better view. Please do so BECAUSE I PAINSTAKINGLY DREW IT. SO YEAH.

Muahah! Tell me, is that dumb? or is that dumb?

By the way, the phone comes in many different striking color! There’s red, blue, yellow, green blah blah blah.

Go on, get one of those cool shite phones today!

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I am starting to dread going to the Mr Doctor from 627.


These days, I discover weird things about myself.

While I was at his clinic(Oh yes, he¬†was CONSISTENTLY LATE), I thought that I might as well ask him about my phlegm. This problem had been bugging me for the past few months. Thus, he checked my nostrils …and guess what?

He said I had Sinus.

This was something I never knew. I defended myself by telling him I never had that problem. He gave me a mirror to look into my nostrils and guided me. Yes, there were two red lumps in the nostrils, one each side. It was not supposed to show, unless your nostrils are sensitive and ‘infected’.

I told him Dave liked to press certain positions of my nose area (above the cheeks), which tended to hurt a lot even with little pressure. Mr Doctor once again re-confirmed his statement.

Boo! I hope it will heal. If not, I would have to use nose drips! First the ear, then the nose!!!

P/s: Mr Doctor also mentioned that there was a possibility that my ear infection was caused by my nose. Underlying reason! :/

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